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ENGLISH WEEKS - The Art of Being Your True Self – Your Body Knows the Way

15th May to 15th June 2017 ENGLISH WEEKS

The Art of Being Your True Self – Your Body Knows the Way Monday 15th May to Thursday 18th May, from 9.30 – 13.00.

This workshop will be a journey of discovery to your true self with exercises from biography work and Focusing. Biography work will develop your self-knowledge by bringing consciousness to your life story and helping you to understand yourself on a deep level.

Focusing is a way of tapping into the wisdom of your body. You will learn to pay attention to your body in a mindful, appreciative and non-judgmental way. The aim is to learn the meaning behind your inner experiences.

You will take a close look at who you are, what you are really passionate about, and what gives you a sense of meaning in your life.

Ursula Ohse:

Training: licensed naturopath, biography work, destiny learning, focusing trainer, MA in Political Science and English

I am passionate about facilitating personal and professional development

I have been a weaver and spinner on the Scottish island of Jura, research assistant (Gesellschaft für bedrohte Völker, Society for Endangered Peoples), a human rights researcher (publication: Forced Prostitution and Traffic in Women)

I believe that it is important for everyone to find what they are passionate about and what they want to dedicate their life to

My Motto: live your dream

My Mission: to help make the world a tiny bit more friendly, warm and compassionate by facilitating self-knowledge (biography work) and inner growth and change (Focusing)