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The Evolution of Food and Consciousness

Morning Seminars - with Wendy Cook Monday 29th of May to 1rst of June, 2017 Monday 5th of June to Thursday 8th of June Monday 13th of June to Thursday 15th of June 1.) The Evolution of Food and Consciousness. How different foods, drinks and spices came in at specific times. They changed our consciousness, our trading throughout the world and our soils. Presentation with visuals. Illustrating 3 Epochs of human nutrition. The Milk and Honey (nomadic) The Bread and Wine (Agrarian) Mineral in which we now find ourselves with an industry that makes a fortune out of supplying mineral supplements.

2.) Coming to Our Senses. How to refine our Sense Perceptions... smelling , seeing, tasting, touching, hearing. Experiential testing.

3.) The question of Vegetarianism. Rudolf Steiner’s perspectives as against current reductionistic nutritional perspectives.

4.) Seasonings, Herbs and spices,...culinary and therapeutic uses.

5.) The importance of the 7 grains, planetary influences. How to cook them. Questions of allergy?

6.) Balancing a meal, How to use the principle of Root stem, leaf and fruit. Some Goethean observation.

7.) Nutrition for the young.

8.) The importance of Bio-Dynamic Agriculture.

Wendy E. Cook studied Art and Design at Cambridge where she met satirist Peter Cook and became his wife. Wendy soon gained a reputation as a hostess at their London and New York homes, developing her cooking skills. She was the first person to serve John Lennon (Beatle fame) garlic! She was an early follower of the renowned cook Elizabeth David. It was when their youngest daughter Daisy became ill with asthma and excema that she began a journey of investigating alternative philosophies and complementary treatments. She studied and practised several disciplines including macrobiotics before encountering Rudolf Steiner’s approach to nutrition, agriculture and education. She spent 5 years at Emerson College helping to run the kitchen there and studying with Doctor Gerhard Schmidt (the then head of the Medical section)

Her experience with the wonderful produce grown on the Tablehurst Farm fostered her impulse to write about the importance of Bio-dynamic food in “The Bio- Dynamic Food and Cookbook” (Clairview Press) and in her book “Foodwise”.

She has worked and taught in most of the Medical Initiatives in the UK, and travelled widely giving workshops.