The Healing Power of the I Am - Sayings in the Gospel of St. John

"I am the bread of life: he that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth in me shall never thirst." (St. John 6,35) Becoming ill we may realise that specific forces within us have fallen out of harmony. We feel that we are loosing our state of being whole when we fall sick, and we are yearning to find a new balance.

Where and how do we approach the healing powers, which slumber deep within us? How can we awaken them? How may we use their energy consciously and with an open heart?

Each of the seven "I Am"- sayings in St. John's Gospel show us a particular aspect of healing, of growing whole again.Entering more deeply into their meaning and striving for an understanding of their mysteries we may discover that each verse corresponds to a particular organ complex.

In an seven day workshop we shall approach the meaning of each of the "I Am"- sayings creatively with the help of plant colours. Thereby we shall experience their healing powers.

Annegret von Pusch, art therapist at the Centro, will lead us in this artistic part.

Whatever limitations each of us may come with, the experience of combining the "I Am"- sayings, painting and creative writing may turn this week into a celebration of wholesomenesswhich can rise above the past into the sphere of destiny transformation.

Workshops 2015: 17.-23. May / 07.-13. June

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